A personal Logo design

Looking for a unique spiritual logo design attuned to you and your company or healing practice?

I tune into you and your business and translate those energyfrequencies into a symbol for you personally, to be used as a logo and for promotional purposes. The energy of this logo symbol empowers you in the essence of your company.

Your logo soul symbol provides you with energy frequencies that empower you to live your full potential and attract those people who resonate with your energy and your essence.  

And expect much more beautiful things! 🙂


(symbols shown below are examples of logos I created in assignment)


logo totaalpakket   € 799,00  :

- your logo symbol digitally sent

– Banner facebook

– Banner linked-in

– Banner website

- logo with transparant background in PNG

- businesscard one-sided or double-sided

- flyer one-sided or double-sided

– your logo colourcodes for your website

It is also possible to assemble your own package:

- your logo symbol € 444,00

Logodesign separate components 

(with the logo I created for you)

– Banner facebook   € 55,00

– Banner linked-in    € 55,00

– Banner website     € 55,00

– Roll-up Banner € 77,00

- logo with transparant background in PNG € 55,00

- businesscard one-sided € 77,00

- businesscard double-sided € 99,00

– stationery one sided € 77,00



– your logo colourcodes - your logo colourcodes for your website € 55.-

prices excluding vat


*voor andere promotieaproducten met jouw logo symbool info en prijzen op aanvraag.
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