Jacqueline Holman-Cunnen

Jacqueline Holman-Cunnen - Praktijk Amura

Mijn Zielsymbool…
Itss-Creation Zielsymbolen maakt zielsymbolen die je bekrachtigen in je essentie en je herinneren aan je oorspronkelijke frequentie. Ik ben helemaal weg van deze symbolen en Hadewijch zou in afstemming op mijn energie een persoonlijk symbool voor mij maken. Deze week kreeg ik een telefoontje dat het klaar was en gisteren hadden we afgesproken. Ik stapte in de auto om naar haar toe te rijden en uit gewoonte zette ik de radio aan maar ook net zo snel ging deze weer uit. Ieder geluid leidde mij af van mijzelf en ik voelde dat ik juist bij mijzelf moest zijn en in de stilte die ontstond ging ik in gesprek met mijn ziel. Ik verwoorden de kriebels in mijn buik, voelde het gelukkige gevoel van mijn ziel, de vrijheid die in haar zit en met dit gevoel parkeerde ik even later de auto en stapte uit. Iedere stap die ik zette kwam ik dichter bij mijn symbool, ik voelde het borrelen in mijn lijf.
Mijn gechannelde zielsymbool is
“De ziel schijnt goud”.
Geraakt heb ik haar ontvangen 💜
Als ik kijk naar de details van het symbool kijk ik naar de details van mijn ziel en voel ik dat ik kan verdwijnen in een andere dimensie.
Ik ga mijn details verder ontdekken en steeds meer ruimte geven.
Lieve Hadewijch dankjewel!

Liefs Jacqueline


Anita de Jongh

My true colours Anita de Jongh

Daar slenterde ik dan over de beurs om vervolgens als een magneet naar Hadewijch getrokken te worden. Wat een prachtige energie stralen deze vrouw en haar producten uit! Direct wist ik het! Zij gaat het logo voor ‘My True Colours’ ontwerpen. Zonder enige twijfel heb ik Hadewijch ‘carte blanche’ gegeven. Ontroerd was ik toen het logo onthuld werd. Zoveel mooier dan ik me voor kon stellen. Alles klopte! Vervolgens kwam er ook nog een prachtige tekst bij die voor mij het plaatje compleet maakte! Dankbaar ben ik voor het prachtige werk wat Hadewijch doet. Dus schroom niet, geef je over en laat je op een magische manier verrassen!


Mändy van den Boogaard

Mändy van den Boogaard

Today I received my Soul Symbol logo from Hadewijch. I am so happy with it. I got emotional when I saw how beautiful it has become and all the different details that have been incorporated into it. So cool that a picture can carry so much energy. The logo to me feels like the ocean in which man is a drop. To allow yourself to Be there! and radiate from that divinity.. The violet flame of Saint Germain that I see reflected in it. Hadewijch told me that she heared the words of crystalline sounds while designing. Special and surprised that what I'm working on is reflected in a logo as a confirmation.


Lisa van  Heeren


Hadewijch came my way for a reason. When I came across her at the Paraview fair, I was immediately surprised by her beautiful symbols. We got talking and she explained to me that these symbols are channeled soul symbols, how special! When I heard that she also designs personal company logos, tailored to your soul, I immediately knew: yes,this is what I want!

So with all confidence I left that to Hadewijch and wow she more than exceeded my expectations!!!
My logo has touched me deeply. Not only did my yin yang sign come back (which had crossed my path many times in my life and has a great meaning for me)…. After looking closely I saw two embryos appear in the wings of the butterfly…. My mouth really fell open. I am half of an unborn twin. And look … my other half came to show itself in my soul symbol ♥. Hadewijch didn't know anything about me at the time… that's what makes this so incredibly special! Hadewijch also started working on my symbol exactly on my birthday without her knowing it was my birthday, how beautiful is that!!

Apart from the fact that my soul symbol was so incredibly accurate, Hadewijch is also a wonderful woman and truly an angel on earth. She takes all the time for you and knows how to surprise you time and time again with the beautiful inspirations she receives. I therefore recommend you a 100% to have a beautiful soul symbol designed by her!


Ilse Strobbe | De Roosbloem

DEROOSBLOEM voor reviewsHaving Hadewych create a personal symbol as a logo for my practice was truly a journey. And ITTS-Creation was the perfect travelagency to make it happen!
Hadewych is a soulful guide. She is able to create completely intuïtively and has infallible confidence while doing it. Even when I was in doubt she displayed rock solid confidence while at the same time there was room for my own proces.
Her empathy transcends personal feelings. Receiving my own logo enabled me to learn new things about myself.
It reinforces the energy of the work I do and at the same time supports me in transforming my insecurities. It is a ratification and foundation.
What Hadewych does is pure magic and the true message or essence in the symbol was revealed to me step by step. As I have said before: It is a beautiful journey of discovery! Is was a litteral ‘kick in the butt’ to continue..
As I have said before: It is a beautiful journey of discovery! Is was a litteral ‘kick in the butt’ to continue..
urthermore, Hadewych also made a website, businesscards, giftvouchers etc.. a complete concept in accordance to my desires and needs.
What I am good at doing I learned to do myself and all the other things I outsourced. It was the perfect gift for me and my practice.
Het perfecte geschenk voor mij en mijn praktijk.

Thank you Hadewijch!


Fabienne De Groote De Maansikkel

praktijk de maansikkel belgie

Searching for a new connection. With myself, my mother, my grandmother … a Soul Connection. A symbol telling everything, part of me. You asked me if I could let go of what it should look like. And yes I could, otherwise it could never arise as it is now. Thank you from my heart. I’m already looking forward to the website project. Love, Fabienne



Hadewijch has created a beautiful, impressive soul symbol for me. When I first saw it I felt it empowering me in my essence. I have several of her works hanging in my house and feel how it changes the energy. I am very happy and grateful that Hadewijch crossed my path and made me a soul symbol that empowers me every day in who I am. If you are in doubt about working with Hadewijch, I can definitely recommend that you just trust and do it! Thank you Hadewijch for the beautiful work you make!


Iris Oosterveer

Moved and amazed… It is almost impossible to describe in words how much the symbol of Bella has touched me. My soul mate whom I love so unconditionally. Hadewijch has tuned in to Bella and incredibly magical how she has created this symbol in which Bella's energy is so clearly visible and tangible. I am deeply touched every time I tune in to the symbol. I enjoy every moment of Bella in person, but the symbol has given me insight and peace. I now know that she is with me forever and that we are connected for eternity. As Bella reads her message…I am you and you are me.

And thank you Bella, for this huge gift. Love, Iris

Liefs, Iris


Ghislain Janssen

INDEOASE voor reviewsA few years ago I came into contact with the breathtaking creativity of Hadewijch through a symbol exhibition at Terreel in Eindhoven. That’s why I asked her two years ago to make a symbol on canvas for my practice. (No logo!) That was very exciting because you have to give carte blanche. But I had such a good feeling about all the creations I had seen so far that I gave her the assignment without hesitation. And the result was beyond expectations! So fitting, so detailed, so … breathtakingly beautiful. Even when I think of the symbol now, I still get a smile from ear to ear!

This year it was time to renew / professionalize the logo of my practice. It was obvious to me to also award this assignment to Hadewijch. And again she surprised me in a positive way with a powerful and radiant logo that suits my practice and me so well. I keep looking, discovering and enjoying! Hadewijch has also made a number of related products, such as banners, business cards and of course a stylized version of the logo for promotional purposes. It feels like a rebirth for my practice


Chris van Oosterwijk:

There are no words that come up when I see my logo for the first time, I am completely silent:
This is me! My soul has been captured in a symbol! This says it all about Hadewych; pure and in connection with the source.


Janine Heussen Hinskens:

Hadewych has managed to translate the energy of my soul and my company into a soulsymbol in an exceptional way. I love it. All the details are spot on and have a perfect feel to them. Hadewych works from the soul, pure and loving. I can easily feel and experience the energy behind the symbol. A precious gift for my soul too.


Elly Bakker:

ELLYBAKKER voor reviewsHadewych Gerlof is THE person to go to when seeking a well designed bookcover, a piece of jewelry or website. A magical process. She is Intuitive, she is responsive and capable of bringing out your uniqueness like no other. She is highly recommended.


Anne Rodenburg:

Thankyou Hadewych Gerlof for my beautiful new logo! I am over the moon with it!!!


Brigitte van Lent

Hadewijch makes your symbol full of enthusiasm, with heart, passion and care, which will make you happy for a long time.”


Katja van Berkel

Walking a new path, so exciting and different. During my journey I came across a soul symbol of Hadewijch. I was so impressed that it wouldn't let go of me. By searching the internet I found Itss-creations. I just had to do it. I emailed, and Hadewijch called back. A nice and warm conversation followed. I had already come up with some kind of logo. We agreed. There Hadewijch asked me if I could let go of my own logo. I found that very difficult, but I chose to give Hadewijch a free hand. What a reward that has become! Such an impressive soul symbol emerged and even though I let go of the logo, it was incorporated. It had to be this way and so it really belongs to me!
Super happy with this soul symbol, it is so powerful and it resonates greatly. I am grateful to Hadewijch for making this for me.
After this process I wanted a business card, I also had ideas about that. Based on my soul symbol, we worked on that card together and what patience Hadewijch has! She patiently followed all my ideas and comments, however long it took.
Hadewijch thank you for everything!


Danielle Hooymeijer:

I had been looking for a logo for my Children’s Practice but had not managed to realise its design, until the day I heard about Hadewych. From the first moment we came into contact there was a connection. At long last I had found someone who relates to me and who feels things the way I do. She worked intuitively for me and came up with a beautiful soulsymbol. Together we continued designing and in the end there were two logo’s instead of one. Both my Children’s Practice and ViaDaan practice have been completely renewed.

Thankyou Hadewych, for everything!


Suzanne Kuit:

Suzanne Kuit - Pad van Healing

Hoe sterk het gevoel ook was om mijn trouwringen te laten transformeren naar een symbool, het was zo spannend om mijn ideeën los te laten en het over te laten aan wat bij Hadewijch aan inspiratie door zou komen. Vanaf het eerste moment dat ik het beeld zag en later het werkelijke sieraad ben ik zo onder de indruk en ontroerd. Het is zo kloppend in alle details, het komt zo diep binnen. Het blijft me verwonderen. Meteen was helder dat dit ook het logo van mijn praktijk moest zijn. Zielswerk met een Zielslogo. Super Hadewijch. Bedankt voor je bijzondere afstemming en werk.


Annemarie van der Grift:

Last year I registered at the Chamber of Commerce. My intention was to make a logo for my company, which I then tried to realise. Unfortunately I am not very good at transferring my ideas to paper. So I left it when it did not work out for I knew there would be a better time to do this and help would be provided for in some way. This year I posted on Facebook a question about who would be able to design my logo. Someone told me about Hadewych. I felt an immediate connection to her website and method of operating. I asked her to make a design and it was a perfect match! She truly understands your needs at the level of your soul, what your soulsymbol is. I recognized the result as something i already knew. I only had to make it more fysically. That is what Hadewych has done for me.

Thankyou very much for that.



tanje de VosWords cannot describe the beautiful present Hadewych has given to me. See, experience and feel…. she is connected to the angels and translates their messages into healing images, forms and colours. Please continue dear angel. All the best for you xxx

Alle liefs voor jou xxx