Personal Soul Symbols

A unique soul symbol containing Lightcodes in alignment with you personally

Hadewijch Gerlof persoonlijk zielsymbool Jaqueline

A visible energetic gift from your Soul to you

A soul symbol empowers you in your essence and supports your "being/awareness" and the maintaining of your frequency of Love and Light here on earth ♥

Your personal Soul Symbol will offer you energyfrequencies and lightcodes that will invite you to connect with your Source, your Soul, your Higher Self and to remember who you are in essence to live your full potential.

And expect much more magic! 😊 😊

For a personal symbol, I align with your energy or the energy of your intention...

An intention can be:

Personal Symbol:

A symbol aligned with you

Animal symbols:

A symbol aligned with your (pet) animal

Memorial Symbols:

A symbol aligned with a soul you love (human or animal) that has passed to another dimension

Baby Symbols:

Een symbool afgestemd op een baby(ziel) die al bij je is, is geweest of nog gaat komen

TwinSoul Symbols:

A symbol aligned with you and your twinsoul

Connection symbols:

A symbol aligned with you and the connection with another (human or animal)



I only need your name / intention to create your symbol and preferably no further information. You an contact me, by phone, videocall or live, you're welcome!

You will receive your soul symbol / a one-of-a-kind, signed y me digitally in a size 40-40 cm.

*You will also receive a file with a text channeled especially for you belonging to your soul symbol.

If you want a print of your soul symbol on canvas, acrylic glass or any other material you can order it from me. I will then create a custom print file for you. The material cost of the print is not included.

You can order a personal symbol in the -webshop-, note in the comments field what your intent is for the symbol and how I can get in touch with you.

(symbols below are examples of personal soul symbols created in assignment)

You can order a personal symbol in the -webshop-😊