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About Hadewijch

My life has been about creativity from a very young age and especially about being allowed to create in FREEDOM!

My creations originate without thinking, wanting or having to... It is a cooperation I always say of my

Light family and Hadewijch as an instrument that puts her Heart and Soul into it.


My (Goldsmith) master mark : my initials in the yin-yang shape connected with the logo symbol for my

light family stands for the collaboration in creation ♥

1 HG yinyang farisha hadewijch Gerlof


My Creations / Soul symbols are the golden thread of Mystery and Magic in my life!

For me creating is a mystical experience where I find myself in a field of love,

joy and unity that I cannot describe in words.

The energy frequencies that the symbols carry may support the energy in a space and raise the frequency of Love and Light! ✨ 💗

A perfect way to shine my Light!


There is also a part of Hadewijch that likes to be there for You.

I would like to support you on your unique life path and explore your life questions using

the soul symbols as very beautiful intuitive tools.

zielsymbool zichtbaar



Today I am that which I will not be tomorrow

Today I am that which I will not be tomorrow

Who will I be tomorrow? This is yet to be discovered..

I am creation

I am change

I am transformation

What I would like to be to you?

I would like to be an inspiration

I would like to support you

I would like to offer you the energy that mirrors your soul

I would like you to experience your exceptional beauty and strength

We are all creators

Let’s create together

I would love to meet you


Love Hadewijch



“Quantum entanglement”


in silent wonder I feel and react

always flawlessly surfing the right energy frequency

the outcome invisible to the eye

but sooo tangible to the heart

and for the greater good indispensable and orchestrated divinely

there is no better translation!

we are all part of- and responding to

and therefore never to be seen or felt separate from each other

itt’s a kind of Magic





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