Collection of Universal Soul Symbols

Energetic artworks to support the frequency of Light and Love.

These channeled symbols speak a language that is understood by your soul, you don't have to do anything for that 🙂 just experience it!

Personal Soul Symbols enhance the connection to your soul, your light and empower you in the essence of who you are.



How to use the universal symbols?

Connect with the symbol by looking at it, close your eyes if necessary, take a deep breath and let the energy work through you.

Allow it to enter your soul, cells and DNA.


How to use universal symbol prints?

The symbols increase the energy frequency in a room.

This is wonderful for a healing practice, living room, bedroom and other spaces.Charge your water by placing a glass of water on the print. When you drink the water, the frequency will inform the water and cells in your body and support healing and increase your frequency. Sitting or laying on top of prints inform your being on every level. The frequency of the image can transmute energy, support healing, help to raise your vibration and anchor you in higher frequencies.


Op dit moment bestaat de universele collectie uit 90 zielsymbolen

In the webshop you can order a print on canvas, aluminum and acrylic glass in different sizes. The soul symbols are also available on postcards en er de symbolendecks  om mee te to work with. in je praktijk of voor je persoonlijke frequentieondersteuning van Licht en Liefde ♥


Other formats and/or versions on request.